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What Had Happened Was


It was Saturday morning and it finally wasn’t raining after we finally got rain. I went to shed #1, fueled up the mower, inflated the chronically flat tire and began mowing.

I mowed the middle yard and started to make my first pass on the far side of the garden. I turned right to make the loop near the coop with my eyes scanning for Kathy and Eleanore to see if they were out and about yet. I spotted Kathy pretty quickly and started to say “Good Morning” to her. The phrase didn’t make it out whole.  My right foot pushed the brake and my right hand covered my mouth. A noise came out.

After I turned the mower off I walked over to the coop with a lump in my throat. I let myself in and went out into the pen. Kathy lingered for a little bit – not bothered by my presence. I bent down to pick up Eleanore’s body, but retracted. I couldn’t touch her. She wasn’t there anyway. I picked the body up with a shovel and carried her out to the woods.

Kathy is doing ok. She is still up for adoption. However, depending on how much time passes, I will probably try to find her some feathered friends. Flocks don’t come in ones.


2 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was

  1. 😦 sorry lauren. On the other hand – the new site looks great!

  2. Thank you! I hope you are feeling well and I can’t wait to see your next blog post!

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