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Christmas in July

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Back in February Aaron and I hosted a family dinner at our house. In preparation for company I did a little house keeping. Some of the things to take care of were the Christmas decorations that had not been put away yet. They weren’t still on display, but they weren’t back in Shed #2 with the tree  and the ornaments either.

In an effort to disguise my poor house keeping skills I cleverly relegated the decor to the trunk of my car. 2 birds, one lazy stone. The house appeared neater and I didn’t have to carry that stuff all the way up to the shed.

Fast forward 5 months. I was (finally) cleaning out my car yesterday (because my dad, sister and I are taking it on a road trip in a few days) and I came across these:

Melted wax snowman candles. Well, candle. They used to be two, but are now pretty much inseparable.

Want to know what else I found? First tell me what’s lurking in your car.


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