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The “D” word

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First off – why are my faces squished? I’m not so good with formatting, but in my preview window my faces looked fine. Oh well.

Wednesday was a great day. The morning at work went by quickly, I got to meet a friend for a lengthy lunch…I was feeling pretty good. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, my world went gray. All of the sudden my smile disappeared. I felt lost. Confused. Worried. Anxious.

Fortunately I recovered from this “lapse” in only a couple of hours. This happens sometimes and I chalk it up as a bad day. Bad days are necessary. They provide a way to recognize the good days. However, having struggled through depression, I immediately overreact and assume I am about to take a ride down the swirling vortex of sadness whenever this happens.

The overreaction is actually my preferred method of coping at this point. I’d much rather nip something like this in the bud than have it creep over me gradually because I was being stubborn/ignoring the signs.

The gray-ness is one of my signs, and usually I only see it in hindsight. Some of my memories have this heavy, gray-ness to them, like weeks or months of un-breaking overcast.

My 10 day forecast is looking good though. Mostly sunny and maybe a surprise rain shower.  (I am a woman after all, there is no telling what I might cry about.)


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