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It’s all in the Jeans


A couple of weeks ago I asked a smartly stylish acquaintance of mine to go shopping with me. I needed some professional clothes that I felt comfortable in for some upcoming business meetings. I can’t tell you how many anxiety attacks I have had because I didn’t feel comfortable or that I was wearing the right outfit the occasion. I can tell you that they are never fun.

My fashion advisor asked me what stores I shopped at regularly for pants, shirts, etc… Over the last few years I have discovered that the pants that are cut the best for me come from the Gap and Old Navy.  It is such a relief to finally know where I “belong”. Well, it was a relief until yesterday. I was cruising around on Pinterest for some really important things and came across this pin:

Oh no! All these years and I come to find out I haven’t been presenting my back side in the most attractive way possible. I don’t know how I will ever recover. Where do I go now?


2 thoughts on “It’s all in the Jeans

  1. Oh shit….need to find new jeans, now….

  2. You or me? Or both of us? We shall go together 🙂

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