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Facebook: A Necessary Evil


Back before Christmas I presented myself with a little challenge: stop looking at Facebook.



So there.

Oh no! It must be the mom jeans. My apologies.

Really, it was because I was getting really aggravated at people and their shenanigans when it was optional for me to even look at their shenanigans in the first place. (It is similar to why I don’t watch the news. I rarely learn anything valuable and most of the time it just irritates me.)

I didn’t delete my account. But as far as I know, that isn’t really possible. It will always be there, just waiting for you to break and come back to stalk people so you can judge them. I am NOT ALONE here.

My first excuse to get back on was to check up on some friends that are preggers. Sure, it is still stalking, but in a non- judegmental-I-wish-the-best-for-you kind of way. So that was ok, I allowed myself that much. Then gradually I started checking in on people that I had hidden.

WHY would I DO THIS to myself? I can only pretend that I was going to be brazen enough to have a “What’s on your mind?” Status Update Intervention. For example: “Quit Whining, those aren’t actually problems.” or “Stop enabling the pity party, they chose that lifestyle, worked hard for it even.” Alas I Defriended. GASP!

I never really liked that FB used the word friend anyway. For me, if we are friends, we’ll know what is going on with each other without logging in to a mostly public space. Way to cheapen “friend” FB. Why don’t we just start throwing around words like Love and Hate…

Anyway, since I have defriended GASP! I have been able to utilize Facebook to reconnect with some runner buddies without being distracted. This is where the necessary part comes in. So many people that I know use Facebook to make plans and share victories, I was really missing out. Once I realized that this social medium didn’t limit me to being social through a monitor, it could actually aid in being social in person, I have been having more fun (and maybe burning more calories).

What are your thoughts? Are you pro Facebook? OMG OMG are we ‘Friends’?  (That last part was written in character… maybe one day she’ll be introduced via video.)


2 thoughts on “Facebook: A Necessary Evil

  1. I want to meet the character at the end. 🙂

    I’m “pro” facebook because I get a kick out of having things I’m interested in, “fed” to me. If something doesn’t interest me – I don’t usually have a problem with unfriending, unsubscribing or whatever it takes to make them go away. 🙂

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