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Wash and Curl

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One summer when I was home from college I decided I wanted to give curls a try on my long, straight locks. At this point I had never had a perm before and was terrible with a curling iron. Not to mention, shampoo was my only hair product. If only there was a product that would be simple enough for my limited talents and temporary enough in case I hated the results.

I perused the aisles of a Wal-Mart (because that is where you should shop for top-notch hair products) for the ideal solution. Amazingly, it was there. Wash N Curl.

To be fair, I never saw this on TV otherwise I probably would have understood.

“Ok,” I thought, “that seems easy enough.  98% of the time I do a good job washing my hair. This should work great!”

I read and re-read the directions: Lather. Rinse. Style as usual. “I got this.” After my shower I carefully, gingerly even, towel dried my hair. “Style as usual it says, this is my usual routine.” Once my hair was  a sufficient level of dampness  I sat down at the computer and waited for the magic to happen. I was keeping my head as still as possible to make sure I didn’t interrupt whatever process was going on that was going to give me beautiful, wavy curls. Anxiously I would step back into the bathroom to check the progress in the mirror. “Humph. Looks the same, maybe I should scrunch it.”  Before the next reveal I grabbed fistfuls of hair from the bottom and squeezed upward to help the Wash N Curl start curling.  “Maybe my hair is too heavy?”

It took about an hour for me to realize that “Style as usual” meant feel free to use your hair dryer, rollers, vent brush, curling iron, etc… to achieve the look you desire.

I returned the mostly full bottle of “defective” shampoo.



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