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Lexapr-Uh Oh

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6 months ago I had an appointment with a psychiatrist for a re-evaluation. Basically, I took an hour out of  my day to spend 5 minutes in a casual conversation with an M.D.,  which resulted in another 6 month prescription. I’ve been doing this for at least 2 years, maybe 3.

A couple of days ago I ran out. I called the pharmacy for a refill a few days prior but it needed “Doctor’s Approval.”  Long story short – I’ve made several calls to the pharmacy and the doctor’s office, have an appointment for my re-eval, and am on day 4 or 5 without Lexapro.

Days 1 and 2 were fine. I foolishly thought to myself,  “Maybe I don’t need this…” 

So what is going on now? Am I depressed? No. Riddled with anxiety? Nope. Having trouble coping with clutter? Yep. Have a more acute sense of hearing on the decibel levels of extremely annoying? You betcha.  Are people suddenly less funny and more jerk-like? Oh yeah.

Had I not already spent time at the bottom of my own personal barrel, I would wonder if I was taking this medicine to act as a sort of allergy medicine – a way to defend against the uncomfortable/annoying parts of life. Those things aren’t what leads to the depression though. Those things are my warning signs.

Artist: Sherri Conley


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