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I’m Listening

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Whenever I am in proximity to a bathroom and hear a toilet flush, I listen to hear the sink water and other noises associated with hand washing. 

I don’t know when this started or why. I imagine it might have started around the time my sister’s kids were starting to use the facilities on their own. That would make sense so we’ll go with that.The cubicle I have been temporarily assigned to at work is close enough to a men’s bathroom to take note of who is a hand washer and who isn’t. I can say the gentlemen in that area of the company have better hygiene than other departments I’ve had the pleasure of working in.

For those of you who visit my house take notice: the house ain’t that big. And I will judge you. I tend to be open-minded about a lot of issues. Hand washing is not one of them. I have actually thought of ways to intervene – “Oh, am I out of soap?” or “Here, let me get a fresh hand towel for you.”  At least, those are the polite ways.

I’ve heard conversations between parents and their children:
Parent – “Did you wash your hands?”
Kid – “Yeah”
Parent – “With soap?”

Hold on! “With soap?” What else to you WASH with? I believe the term for only using water is called rinsing.

Yeah, it is weird that my ears perk at the sound of a flushing toilet. I’d rather be weird than gross.


One thought on “I’m Listening

  1. With SOAP? 😉

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