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Picking Up Chicks


Well, chick. I picked up a single hen last night to be Kathy’s friend. Single as in not plural. Not single as in, she enjoys long walks in the dirt and her favorite food is corn…

I have heard that when a new hen is introduced to an exisiting flock it should be done at night. Apparently they will wake up the next morning and be totally fine with the major change that occurred.

Evidently, 7:30 isn’t night enough.

As the new bird walked slowly out of the pet carrier, Kathy widened her stance and puffed up her chest. It was like a move I’ve seen in westerns before the gunslingers sling their guns. If only she had been wearing spurs.

All of the sudden new bird and Kathy are circling in mid air with their talons out and wings spread. Surprisingly, I can now see how Cock Fighting has appeal. Although I am not a fan of this kind of confrontation, it certainly was thrilling.

Look at Kathy’s stance – ready for a fight. New bird had some quick moves though. Too bad I dropped the camera.


4 thoughts on “Picking Up Chicks

  1. What are you going to name her?

  2. I don’t know. Any suggestions?

  3. Bernice. Hmmn. Has a nice ring to it. I’ll try it out on her and see her reaction.

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