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In Da Club

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In a few short hours the school/work week will finally be over.  Who is hitting up the clubs this weekend?

Yeah, me neither.

I’ve been to 2 clubs, 1 time each. The second one was one too many. Well, the first one may have been, but I find that I like to put myself in situations in which I am pretty sure I will be uncomfortable and see how I manage.

The first club outing was part of a bachelorette party. The evening started out relatively tame with bridesmaids snacking on cleverly named hors d’oeuvres. Unfortunately I failed to get the memo that we were leaving for the club right from the snacking location so I was stuck without my “clubbing attire”. Not that I actually owned “clubbing attire”. However, I did own outfits that less resembled Steve’s wardrobe from Blue’s Clues.

Seriously, I had on a short sleeved V-neck version of his shirt.  Just swap out the pleated khakis for some stretchy denim capris and there you have it. I know – H O T.  But wait, you haven’t heard about my shoes! A pair of green, mary jane style sneakers, from Wal-Mart.

The group of girls I was hanging out with averaged about 5’4″ in height. That left 8″ of unobstructed visibility to my green stripes and uncomfortable grimace. More than that if you consider how people are shorter when they dance…you know, ‘cuz they knees is bent. I felt huge. And awkward. And unattractive.

Maybe I’ll go back one day when I am feeling frisky. After all, I do have a fashion advisor and -if I make the right phone call- my own personal beauty consultant.

Tonight though, I think I’ll just put my pajamas on too early and take my antacids. Come on over, we’ll party!


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