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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

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Have you ever read that book? I really enjoyed it. My mom recommended it to me. But, this really isn’t a book review.

Instead this is a first hand account of what happened to me Monday night.

I was on my way out of the neighborhood for a short jog when I saw a lady and her dog approaching. Her medium sized, black dog was pulling eagerly at his leash. I thought I would give the lady a break and let the dog, Gideon, meet me  for the N’th time, figuring he would ease up once his curiosity was satisfied. I slowed my relaxed jog to a walk and crossed the road. With my left hand down by my side I let the dog sniff my hand. His owner told him not to jump, and he was mostly mindful. After he was done sniffing the back of my hand, I started to give him a pat on the head and right as I told him he was a good dog – CHOMP!

The pain wasn’t enough to cry, but it sure startled me. I turned right around and walked calmly back across the road, which happened to be my mom’s driveway. I felt like a little kid. My bottom lip was probably sticking out pretty far when I made my way up the steps to her door. “Gideon just bit me. Can I have some peroxide?”

As I made my way into her house, my mom’s dog, Rosie made her way out. She was on a mission. Rosie ran to the edge of her yard and gave the meanest barking and growling I have ever heard her give. Now that’s a good dog!  Especially considering she is half the size of Gideon.

My mom called 911 and informed the dispatcher that though this wasn’t an emergency, she wanted to report that her “…daughter, ADULT daughter…” just got bit by a dog.

I’m going to brag here for a sec – I went for my jog while waiting for the Animal Control Officer. I was only able to give the officer the name of the dog and the approximate address of their home. Kudos to the Knoxville Police Department Animal Control for their swift work and only with partial information. They got back to me in less than a day.

I feel like I am leaving something out. Maybe what Gideon’s person had to say… No, that can’t be it because she said nothing to me. Nothing. Not “I’m sorry my dog bit you.” Not “Are you alright?” Not “You probably shouldn’t pet him today.” Nothing.

I am really not that upset with Gideon. After all, he is an animal and they have different ways of expressing themselves. I put some blame on myself because I should know better. My feelings toward lady whose name I do not know: unimpressed. As in Kayla Maroney level of unimpressed. However, I will wait to finalize my judgement until the next time I see her, giver her a chance at redemption.



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