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Buying New Pants – Crisis Averted

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The pairs of jeans I own with holes in the knees has recently outnumbered the pairs I own without holes in the knees. I have been toying around with the idea of sacrificing one pair to patch the others, but as we all know, the holey jeans are usually the most comfortable.

Throughout my growing years shopping for pants was awful…for the whole family. (Sorry Mom, Dad, Melis.) It often involved anxiety, frustration, angst, anger, tears, and self-image issues. Don’t worry, nothing permanent or irreparable! (Thanks Mom, Dad, Melis.)

Combining those traumatic experiences with my recent discovery that I have been wearing “Mom Jeans” made me a little hesitant to go shopping. Until yesterday when I noticed a coworker had some holes in their back pockets, then realized the fabric I could see was their underwear. Instead of thinking, “Well, at least my butt is covered.” I went the other way to “I am better than this!”

Last night I had a few minutes before the group run started so I went in to the nearest department store.  Amazingly, the first pair of jeans I picked up and took to the dressing room were winners! Also amazing is that I grabbed a size 14-long after years of the fashion industry letting me believe that I was the same size, a 12-long, since my senior year in high school. I guess the amazing part is really that I didn’t have a panic attack over going up a size.

Does this mean I am m… m… mmm… maturing?



One thought on “Buying New Pants – Crisis Averted

  1. Jeans that fit. There’s nothing like ’em.

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