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2 Mysteries Solved

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Mystery #1:  What kind of chicken is Bernice anyway?

Answer: Rhode Island Red. Thanks, Aunt Paula for sharing that knowledge.

Mystery #2:  What kind of person is that dog-walkin’ lady anyway?

Answer: I’ll let you decide for yourself…

Last Thursday evening I was out for a jog and crossed paths with that lady and her dog again. As I was approaching them my mind started to race with this questions: Do I say something? Do I smile? Do I even look over there?

I decided to keep my eyes straight forward.

The dog, once again, was pulling on the leash trying to get over to me. He wasn’t going to fool me twice so I just kept going. Dog continued to pull and his lady said loudly, for my benefit,  “Now stop it,  she’ll call animal control.”

I ran a few more steps processing what she had just said then turned my head in their direction and shouted: I WAS BIT!

and I. WAS. LIVID.

After giving her the benefit of the doubt that she was too upset or embarrased to say anything at the time of the attack…and then to hear that…grr.

Obviously people think I am easily intimidated. I have done some brainstorming about how to change this perception, and this is what I have come up with.

What do you think? Nice, right?


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