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The day I found my Hips

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My body shape has most resembled a rectangle throughout the majority of these 29 years. I remember trying on dresses and looking as though I poked my head through a pillow case. I never really gave my curves a fighting chance in those days, running cross country and track all the time.

In fact, it was at a cross country meet when I discovered what everybody else already knew. I was transforming from a girl rectangle to a young lady with slight  curves. My discovery happened in a mid-morning shadow. My shadow body was laid out perpendicular to me – giant feet, long limbs, stretching torso, my tiny shadow head yards away. I noticed a ridge below my waist and figured it was from my uniform tank being tucked in to my little running bloomers. I untucked to see. No difference. “Hmph. What is making that shadow?”  I pressed on it. Firm, rigid. “Hips?! When did I get those?”

Nobody else was surprised. They knew what was going on all along. Isn’t it funny how when you see yourself or someone you know on a daily basis, the changes to them are so slight and often unnoticable? It took a different “mirror” for me to notice.

You will be happy to know that I haven’t lost my hips since that day and for personal reasons have started protecting them – with love handles.


One thought on “The day I found my Hips

  1. I remember that day. Thanks for the memory!

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