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Packing for IronMan

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The staging area: For reference, this is a queen sized bed.

What does one pack for their first IronMan? Well, if you are my husband, an easier question might be what didn’t he pack? Of course, there are the necessities: Tri shorts, Tri Jersey, Wet Suit, Helmet, Bike Shoes, Running Shoes, Anti-chafe, Goggles, Spare Tubes, Bike, etc. And then there is fuel that athletes run on; gatorade, accelerade, recoverite, bonk breakers, gu, gels, nuun, salt tablets, various flavors and textures of calories and electrolytes.

Those things may seem obvious, or maybe not, but Aaron rarely travels without some sort of torture device and for this trip he is leaving nothing behind. He has the trigger point set, ‘the stick’, yoga mat, and foam roller. Many of these tools are used to remove the memory from your muscles. I don’t use them. My muscles are pretty sentimental about working out.

I am by no means criticizing the amount of stuff Aaron is packing. This is a big deal for both of us. I want him to feel as prepared as possible. I am however, going to mention that he has packed 3 pairs of goggles. I did question this quantity. The answer  “…you just never know.”

This type of reasoning is probably to blame for why we have 3 ice cream scoops, 4 pizza cutters and 8 spatulas. (Those didn’t get packed.)

The leaning tower of bike tubes.

For some reason packing 6 spare tubes for two wheeled transportation made a lot of sense to me. Especially when those 2 wheels are supposed to cover 112 miles. Yep, if covering all that distance wasn’t enough, you have to do your own bike repair should something go wrong.

I really hope nothing goes wrong…

Good Luck, Fellas! We’ll see you in Panama City soon.

Aaron (L) Eric (R)


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