late bloomer

Stories, musings, and pictures… a little bit late.

I have whiskers.

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For a person that seems (at least to myself) to be a late bloomer, my body sure was in a big hurry to sprout whiskers. Unlike animal whiskers mine do not assist me in my day to day activities. If anything, coming across a wirey hair on my face or neck halts all productivity.

Whenever I am able to properly remove the culprit, I make a careful check to see if there are any others that my fingers haven’t absently discovered while deep in thought about something cosmetically unrelated.

I don’t know what whiskers are made of. It can’t just be hair. They must have a similar growth component as kudzu or bamboo because it never fails that a day after I give my reflection the “all clear” and set my tweezers down – Boioioioing!


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