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Hug a Runner

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Apparently today is National Hug a Runner Day. Thanks, Runner’s World for the head’s up! And since hugging is usually a 2 way street – Look out everybody, I’m fueled up for some hugging!

Throughout my 19 years of running I have met enough runners to make a few generalizations:

  • Just like books – you shouldn’t judge a runner by the cover. They will surprise you.

Think you can beat that woman with the toddler in the jogging stroller? So did I. I was wrong.
What about that really old guy that looked like he stopped eating 20 years ago? In the bag right? Nope.

  • Runners, no matter how fast, are still super friendly and encouraging.

And you know what, if they aren’t friendly, I don’t think they deserve to be called runners.

  • We don’t carry tissues.


This past sunday I ran my 3rd Half Marathon along with Lisa, Katie and Becky. These ladies were my team within a team. I’m probably gonna hug them on Thursday morning @ the Hot to Trot.


One thought on “Hug a Runner

  1. Team within a Team!! I’m sensing a new cheer =) Bring on the Turkey Trot Run

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