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I am a Tree Hugger

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Yup, that’s right. I hug runners and trees.

I am not perfect when it comes to water and energy conservation, but I do make an effort to be conscious of my consumption. Often times I am conscious of others’ too. On my last vacation I voiced my concern for leaving all of the lights and tv on in the condo while we weren’t there.  A family member responded by saying “we’ve already paid that bill.” Like a rational adult I shot back with “not to the Earth!” And in all seriousness it is how I feel.

Did you ever watch the show What Not to Wear? I loved that show. I think it is still airing, but we no longer get that channel.  Anyway, I was always concerned about all of the garments that were being “tossed”.  I hope they were being donated and not just trashed. There are people who need clothes, not just want style.

The day after the Ironman race the athletes and privileged bag-check-ticket holders return to transition to pick up “special needs” bags.  The conference room floors were piled with several plastic bags per racer filled with water bottles, gu’s, gels, pb and j, other snacks and potential necessities to endure the mileage. I’d say 2/3 of the athletes returned for their belongings, while the other 1000 just let their cliff blocks, jerseys, and chunks of raw potato go to waste.  Aside from the potato, my mind was already forming clothes piles and washbins for sticky, unopened, wrappers.  No. A salvaged power bar wouldn’t be my first choice given my current circumstances, but who knows, it could be a delicacy to some.


One thought on “I am a Tree Hugger

  1. That’s enough stuff to keep nobo and the long distance group going for a long time!

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