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It is hard to believe it has almost been a month since I last posted. When I was little kid I never believed grown-ups that time went faster when you were older.  Although I wouldn’t call myself a grown-up, time has definitely been passing faster.  Interesting (at least to me) science fact: time passes slower the further you are from the center of the earth.

A couple of times I sat down to write, and even though most of the time it is just nonsense… I couldn’t even sort out my nonsense. My brain was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. Nothing bad, just full and disorganized.

Over the last month a lot has been going on in our small corner of the world. We are renovating our kitchen, I started a new job, I had a milestone birthday, and of course, some holiday stuff all mixed in with the woes and wonders of the world around us.

Finally, it seems some semblance of order has returned so get ready to enjoy some (ir)regular scheduled programming.





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