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It’s a 4 O’clock World

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I called Aaron at lunch time pretty much in tears, enough so that he could hear it over the phone. He asked anyway, “How’s it going?”

I wanted to quit. I was ready to go to lunch and never come back. All I needed to hear was my husband’s understanding voice to tell me it was ok and once I got home I could begin the lifestyle of an early retiree.

He knew this and yet never took advantage of my weighted silence to comfort me in this particular way.

That was day one of my new job.

I am now into my fourth week and, although it isn’t my dream job, I have come to appreciate a few aspects.

1. I have a much better attitude and have rediscovered my work ethic. (Coincidentally, those were 2 big reasons that I decided to leave my last job.)
2. Though the distance is roughly the same, the travel time is considerably less.
3. I am closer to the mountains.
4. Despite my willingness to give retirement a try, I am glad Aaron didn’t let me wimp out. It turns out I am usually stronger/more capable than I give myself credit for. (So, thanks for that, Husband. But if you ever change your mind don’t hesitate to tell me!)

I would love to learn a new sport in my free time!

I would love to learn a new sport in my free time!


One thought on “It’s a 4 O’clock World

  1. Glad you’re on this side of the world. Heard of a new place to eat out your way.

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