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Turning 30 – A Physical Inventory

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Let’s start at the top.

My hair is 99.27% brown. There are a few white ones, but I think they are pretty, so I just let them be.

After years of plucking, my eyebrows are mostly convinced that being separate is a good thing.

I have not yet needed correctional lenses. However, this topic is often debated in our household.

My teeth are healthy and, despite not wearing my retainer for the rest of my life as directed by my orthodontist, pretty darn straight.

I do get the not-so-occasional neck whisker, but no sign of gobble!

Not to get too personal, but I’ve got nothing but good things to say about my, uh… umm, my shoulders!

My belly is a little squishy. Always has been, always will be. It tends to tell the truth though. This girl likes cookies. And ice cream. And the couch.

My legs are pretty strong – by far the most defined muscle group on my body. They have a few surface veins, but I’m pale enough that in the right lighting conditions, I could be one of those see through anatomy dolls.

After countless miles of running, my feet have finally shown me that they can in fact make it through a season without blistering.


Oooh a mystery man (to some of you) … So I’m not actually 30 in this picture, I’m only 29 and 3/4.  Now, stop starting at my shoulders!


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