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Someone I’m Not

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Today you are You, that is truer than True. There is no one alive that is youer than You.
Oh, Dr. Suess, you’re so wise. And I am totally on board with you about the green eggs.

There’s only one thing that I know how to do well
And I’ve often been told that you only can do
What you know how to do well
And that’s be you,
Be what you’re like,
Be like yourself…

They Might Be Giants

There seems to be a lot of support, rhyming and not, out there for being yourself. But recently I have been trying to become someone I am not.

Not Ourselves, Aaron and I - Halloween 2011

Not Ourselves, Aaron and Me – Halloween 2011

A couple of examples:

  • I have set multiple alarms to get up, out of bed and to the gym before work 4 mornings a week.
  • I put a can of black beans into the brownie batter instead of flour.

I suppose what I am really aiming for is a healthier version of myself but I don’t know of any poems or songs about that.

I used to consider myself a morning person back when morning person meant waking naturally at 8:30. Work starts at 7:30 and the classes I keep setting my alarm for start at 6:00, 35 minutes away. Far cry from a refreshing 8:30. So far I’ve made it twice in 3 weeks. I was late both times so I worked out aimlessly since I didn’t want to interrupt.

About the brownies – that is an attempt to get myself to eat more vegetables. If you are curious, they really aren’t bad though the rate of consumption isn’t quite the same as the usual recipe. Really, its probably better that way.


One thought on “Someone I’m Not

  1. That’s a great picture and I love the blog! And running into you yesterday at the gym!

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