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Photographic Memories

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My parents put our house on the market. I haven’t lived there for years, but I when I visit that is where I stay. This weekend Aaron and I went “home” to Tryon and stayed our final stay at 130 Bradshaw Road.

When my dad told me the realtor was getting offers I contacted a classmate from high school, now a professional photographer, to help us say goodbye to our humble abode.

My sister and I are both married, my sister with 2 kids.  My mom and dad, well, they aren’t married anymore. But that was our house.

Amazingly 5 separate schedules allowed for us to have a photo shoot at home, with the Churchill family all grown up.

©Grace Hill Photography1 ©Grace Hill Photography11 ©Grace Hill Photography18 ©Grace Hill Photography47

These are just a few of the photos Kelly took. (The quality isn’t as good in this format, so don’t hold it against Kelly.)  You should really take a look at her blog Her work is amazing.



One thought on “Photographic Memories

  1. I’m a little behind on blog reading, but……these pics are awesome! You look so happy and beautiful!!

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