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My Impatient Outpatient

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Waaaay back in February on a Wednesday evening I got a call from Aaron during one of his recreation basketball games.

A: “Can you find someone to come with you to pick me up and drive your car home so you can drive me home in my truck?’

L: “Yeah, what happened?”

A: “I hurt my knee. Some guy landed on me when he came down from a rebound…”

My sister came with me to help out with the logistics. Actually she drove. But she could not drive fast enough. My husband was injured and in pain. I needed to get to him – and fast!

Melissa and I supported Aaron, one on each side acting as human crutches, out to the parking lot.  Aaron and I stopped by a pharmacy for a knee brace, then onto his parents’ house for a sweet pair of antique, wooden crutches.

Aaron arranged a ride to work for Thursday morning, and upon waking decided to test out his knee. No good. But, ever the trooper and supportive older brother, Aaron waited until Friday to get his knee checked out at the orthopedic clinic where his little sister works. The diagnosis: a fracture of the tibial plateau.

From the initial doctor visit he was told that it would be at least 12 weeks until he could resume his regular activities. 6 weeks on crutches, 2 weeks with a cane, and 4 more weeks in the brace after that.


On one of his last visits to the orthopedic clinic Aaron was first to bring up physical therapy. Apparently Aaron is a star pupil at the physical therapists’ office. Really, is anyone surprised?

He is an Ironman after all.



One thought on “My Impatient Outpatient

  1. So glad to see you’re writing again. Clever title! Aaron’s had a good nurse!

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