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One Month In

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I started working at my newest job a little over a month ago. For the past month I have been completely happy.

When I was working in the warehouse and when I was finishing out my last months in the lab work was the only thing that really wasn’t going that well. I was good. Aaron and I were good. Family was good. Friends were good. Work – meh. I constantly reminded myself that if that was the only thing “wrong”, then I really didn’t have it all that bad.

Here are some highlights of why I like my new job so much:

Getting dressed in something better than a t-shirt.

Speak with really intelligent people with pretty good grammar

There’s a strict tobacco policy!

Climate control. Yeah, baby. Heat in the winter. Air in the summer.

Life. Is. Good.


One thought on “One Month In

  1. Thats excellent! What kind of work are you doing now?

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