late bloomer

Stories, musings, and pictures… a little bit late.


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A few weeks ago I was doing some online browsing and came across this skirt:

Immediately my heart began to beat more rapidly and my palms got a little sweaty. All of the sudden I am back in my second grade classroom at Mitchell Elementary. Kids are laughing and pointing. At me. I don’t know why. Stacy Chandry, a well mannered, nicely dressed, usually quiet girl informs me gently that my skirt is caught on the back of my chair. In a hurry I stand up and smooth it under my legs and plop back down.

Brian Bear says tauntingly “I saw your underwear!” Since I am wearing tights I decide to be clever and zing back “No you didn’t – because I am not wearing any!” (Of course I am, they are yellow and bunched awkwardly under the tights).

Today that remark doesn’t seem as smart,  but then I was decidedly content with that retort and vowed never to wear a skirt to school again.  Just in case you’re wondering…no I did not get the skirt.


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