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Batteries Not Required

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Back in November Aaron and I started fostering dogs through Adopt a Golden Knoxville. This guy was our first foster. Franklin and Charlie have very similar coloring. Franklin is just a lot fluffier.

One rainy afternoon my mom stopped by the check on the dogs while we were at work. When she called she told me that noise from the TV had startled her since it made it sound like there was someone in our house.  I didn’t remember leaving the TV on, maybe Aaron did. Which one of us left the house last? Was it me?
I didn’t even think the TV was on to be left on…

When I got home I was greeted by Charlie and Franklin, restless from a day inside. I walked around to assess any damage from a new dog to a new home and sure enough the TV was on.  The remote was on the floor. In pieces.  Oops. I picked up the shards of plastic and a battery. 1 battery.

I searched for the second battery under the couch and in the high pile of the rug to no avail. The google research began.  If a dog has eaten a battery and punctured the casing it is likely there will be burns around their mouth. If a dog has ingested a battery whole chances are it will pass without any complications.  Franklin wasn’t in any pain and his snout was in good condition so that was some relief.

This was quite a reminder that not every dog is as well trained as Charlie. We also got better about our remote storage method (if you can call the floor  a method). The rest of our time with Franklin went swimmingly. We weren’t awful dog foster parents after all.

A few days after Franklin was adopted battery #2 surfaced in the living room.



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